Artificial Intelligence and Big Data team

Dr. Regenold GmbH has set itself the goal of simplifying the traditional process of decision –making by researchers and physicians using artificial intelligence and thus making drug development faster and cheaper.

- Dr. Jürgen Regenold Managing Director

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Team

We aim to help organizations move to continuous decision-making in their development, regulatory and pharmacovigilance processes by generating insights from structured and unstructured data using algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Regenold AI/Analytics team, led by Soundarya Palanisamy, is able to bridge the gap between domain experts, with whom we are well connected and supported, and the SAS platform to develop tailored solutions for our clients, which is possible due to our close collaborative partnership with SAS and the use of their software tools. Our current focus is on the processes within development, regulatory and pharmacovigilance helping clients identify opportunities, developing solutions and a business benefit.

Soundarya Palanisamy joined Dr Regenold as a Data Scientist in 2017 and has experience designing analytical solutions to solve complex business issues in the healthcare industry. She has a bachelor in engineering from Anna University, India in the field of "Computer Science". After university she joined the TATA group as a programmer during which she cultivated an interest in data science. She then pursued a M.Sc. degree from "Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg", Germany in the field of "Informatics" with specialization in "machine learning”. Subsequently she then worked as a "Research Associate" at the Fraunhofer Institute towards automatic classification and labelling of sensor data using machine-learning methods.

Soundarya Palanisamy

Data Scientist

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