regulanet® Team

Through our network of in-country and subject experts we have access to additional resource to help you solve your business challenge wherever it may be in the world.

- Thomas Gurney Team Leader

regulanet® Team

regulanet® is our international network of consultancies and companies with representation in over 90 countries throughout the world. Over the years the services offered by members have been expanded and now include all aspects of development, regulatory and market access in their respective countries. In addition, within the network, we have partners who are expert in specific topics or services.

The network is managed by Thomas Gurney and Stefanie Kunold who can help with all enquiries regarding contacts in-country or experts. The country list, which is shown in the Network section of this website, only shows our members but we have many more partners in other countries which can be accessed by contacting Thomas or Stefanie.

Team Leader

Thomas Gurney, BSc

Business Development & Market Access

Phone: +49 7632 8226-300
Fax: +49 7632 8226-555

Stefanie Kunold, M.Sc.

Network Manager

Phone: +49 7632 8226-427
Fax: +49 7632 8226-555