About Us


- Marcel Wöllbrink Managing Director

Navigating the Future of Healthcare Regulation

Our Journey: Pioneering with Passion and Precision

Our core service is regulatory, and as experts in the field, we’re constantly called on to explain how international drug registration functions and why it has to be so complicated.

To best help you, we:

  • Gain an understanding of your needs and objectives
  • Explain alternative strategies and their associated timelines
  • Estimate the total cost of the chosen route
  • Implement the agreed-upon plan and secure registration

Over the years, we’ve learned that regulatory projects require due diligence from start to finish. Due to their significant workload—often within a short period of time—immediate action is essential to successfully processing license applications.

Knowing that this type of due diligence can only be achieved through resourceful teams using the latest technology, we founded regulanet® in 2001. regulanet® is an international network of independent regulatory experts, driven by a quality system that facilitates immediate communication and flow of information and data.

Since 1994, we’ve worked with some of the largest (and smallest) national and international pharmaceutical companies, successfully bringing their products to market and maximizing asset value.

While we specialize in regulatory, we also provide services in all related areas, ensuring that our clients obtain market access with an appropriate price and reimbursement level. In short, we strive to optimize all aspects of development.