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- Dr. Jürgen Regenold Managing Director

Managing Directors

Dr. Regenold GmbH is privately owned by Dr. Jürgen Regenold and jointly managed by himself and Jutta Schnirring.

Both Jürgen and Jutta have extensive backgrounds in the pharmaceutical industry, and have mastered their pragmatic and constructive approach through many years of industry experience and consultancy expertise.

Dr. rer. nat. Jürgen Regenold

Managing Director / Pharmacist

Phone: +49 7632 8226-0
Fax: +49 7632 8226-22

After receiving his university degree in pharmacy in 1986, Jürgen spent four years conducting pharmacological research on CNS pre-synaptic transmitter-receptor interactions. Beginning in 1990, he worked on both the management and regulatory of pharmaceutical product development.

Today, Jürgen manages all departments of Dr. Regenold, from product development to regulatory and market access. He uses a very hands-on approach and is actively involved in clients’ projects, using his extensive network to support and realize their goals.

In 1996, Jürgen began identifying resources and regulatory expertise in selected European countries, which, in 2001, led him to establish regulanet®, a global network of independent, collaborative partners.

Jutta Schnirring

Managing Director / Pharmacist MBA

Phone: +49 7632 8226-200
Fax: +49 7632 8226-555

Jutta Schnirring joined Dr. Regenold as managing director in 2008, and has since introduced and expanded the services of business development, market access, portfolio management, due diligence, licensing, and product supplies to clients and the international regulanet® network.

Jutta studied pharmacy at the University of Tübingen and began her career in 1988 as a scientific manager at Ratiopharm GmbH. Within three years she became the head of product supply and was responsible for the provisions of new products. In 1995, she became one of only three managing directors in charge of the worldwide product supply (from idea to launch) of more than 28 Ratiopharm markets.

In 1999, Jutta acquired her MBA at the IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland.